dijous, 15 de gener de 2009

O.D.I. / AKOLLONIZER "Moon is throll / La transformació"

Finally, after a long time, we can announce the first work of AKOLLONIZER has been put out by Artilleria Pesada, Voliac's sublabel focused on extreme sounds (or not) and no mainstream proposals.Split that includes the Akollonizer's first work and a new O.D.I's noisy ritual. O.D.I. presents " Moon is Throll " which homages Montserrat, one of the most mistical mountains in Catalonia, full of legends and misteries. The first work with Nayram, which has turned into the second member of the band, 100 % ritual drone. Akollonizer's part, called " La transformació " is a conceptual work about Kafka's work " The metamorphosis ". Aggressive coctel that goes from the most melancholy environment to the craziest cyber with sludge and noisy elements.